About JTDP

JTDP - Objectives
To develop and implement a replicable model that ensures household food security and improves livelihood opportunities and overall quality of life of the Tribal population based on sustainable and equitable use of natural resources by :-
  • Empowering the Tribal Grassroot associations and user groups including women and other marginal groups.
  • Promoting activities, which generate sustainable increases in production and productivity of land and water resources
  • Generating sources of income outside agriculture, particularly for landless.
JTDP - Strategy
The programme seeks to restore self reliant and sustainable development amongst the tribals by providing all possible assistance to State Government , NGOs and other collaborative agencies, by putting into practice the spirit and operational principles established in Panchayat Raj Extension to Scheduled Areas Act of 1996. The Programme focuses on:-
  • providing the concerned communities with the means of local decision-making and planning, in order to ensure that activities are responsive to the tribals' perceptions of needs and priorities;
  • making communities more responsible for the management of their development in order to generate a greater sense of owner ship of development interventions; and
  • Building on the indigenous wisdom, knowledge, capabilities, and traditional values of these communities.