Another signpost of Community Empowerment

Villagers carrying the "Development Yardstick" 

Name of the village-Bhimpahari of Bandarnacha Panchayat    Block-Fatepur   District- Jamtara

 Bhimpahari is a tribal village of Bandarnacha Panchayat . Due to its geographical isolation, this village  is searching the light of development in the sphere of economy, education & health. Bounding by the traditional rituals and taboos coupled with some unavoidable social evils like early marriage, domestic violence are pushing  villagers constantly in the gloomy state. Lack of govt. facilities in health, education created pessimism among villagers and resulting low dependency over external resources and supporting agencies. Children were mostly engaged in labor activities for supporting their  families.

Few years back, a NGO has triggered villagers to form Self Help Group to support their families and created a passage for women empowerment. Three SHGs were formed in that time and members started to contribute in it. But, lack of support from facilitating agency has tossed the group in an uncertain condition and intra-group quarrel initiated and as a result, groups were broken and contribution was not divided equally among the group members.

The incident has created a negative impact among the villagers on NGO's role and when Community Facilitator arrived with  bunch of benefits under JTELP, they were not convinced rather forced CF for not to come again as a member of any NGO. Abodh K Jha (concerned CF) has shared the matter with Mukhiya as he was aware about the project through PRI workshop that was held in Fatepur Block under the chairmanship of BDO. Mukhiya has contacted with Gram Pradhan and fixed a Village level informal meeting. In presence of Mukhiya and Ward Member, Abodh K Jha (CF) got the opportunity to share the project objective, fund flow mechanism among villagers and they have shown unwillingness to adopt JTELP. After a long discussion, they have decided to meet DPMU team at District office. Gram Pradhan and two influencing person from the village came to DPMU on 8.6.15 and interacted with District Project