Line Department/Agencies

  • Assistance of IINRG/ILRI Namkum is taken for capicity building on Lac Cultivation.
  • Support of BAU, Kanke has been taken for training on community Forestry, Agriculture, Aquaculture and Animal Husbandry.
  • ICAR-HARP, Palandu supporting the programme for vegetable Cultivation, Horticulture plantation and horticulture based training in  programme villages.
  • JREDA Agency is extending support in remote village for solar Lighting, Water lifting and smokeless chullah.
  • Jharkhand Education Project has supported the project for literacy and education promotion among SHG.
  • Services of IINRG, BAIF, MART, ICRISAT and PRDIS are taken  for technical assistance in Livelihood enhancement of the project beneficiaries.
  • CINI supporting the programme for developing Health strategy.
  • Asian DEvelopment research institute (ADRI) and JEPC supporting the programmer with IEC for improving the education among women SHG.
  • ICRISAT Hyderabad and gvt ranchi has taken initiatives for Varietal seed demonstration in the programme villages.