Productivity Enhancement

Productivity Enhancement

  1. In this component in previous financial year 2015-16, two works have been started providing pump set to groups through convergence from ATMA and construction of shallow well in the lowest depressions (Lowland, Don-1, nalla, Bohal land).
  2. In Pump set- till date 503 pump have been distributed with around 4000 beneficiaries, in this 20% have been contribution from the beneficiaries. Pump set ranges between 1.5 HP to 10 HP depending upon the water resources available.
  3. Shallow well (locally called as Chuwa) have been made 102 out of 258. Size of shallow well is 15 feet depth and 8 feet diameter, to 8 feet depth and 8 feet diameter. Shallow well may be useful for PVTGs for drinking, household works and irrigation purposes.
  4. In Crop demonstration- In this first quarter 2016-17SRI have been introduced with around 5525 farmers with 1380 acres of land i.e., 552 Ht, Farmers are SHG members, YG, GS-PEC members for transplanting 1/4th of an acre of fraction land, Seed and Conoweeder is being provided through convergence from ATMA, KVK, BAU, LAMPS, DAO etc. Trainings are given by BTM, TSA or by FNGos staff to CRP and farmers. Plan is to do SRI with Millets, Maize with some PVTGs villages during the next year-2017

Lesson Learnt: - For PVTGs/ST families shallow well is a good structure made in a simple way, small pumpset has been given for small farmers for lifting water from the source, there is a one agenda now attached with SHG meetings about taking about SRI and willing to do it. In this CRPs training on agriculture had already been given by BTM, KVK Scientist, BAO etc  For PTGs there should be exclusively planning  depending upon their need which are being captured in GSRMLP.

Introduction of SRI technology in Paddy cultivation:

In Jharkhand dominant method of paddy cultivation is broadcasting in which there is significant production loss due to uneven distribution of plants in the field. It has observed that by introduction SRI technology the production of the paddy can be enhanced by 150%. Therefore in FY 2016-17 for the Kharif season for demonstration purpose around 380 progressive farmers have been identified from each district and they were persuaded to adopt SRI technology in 0.25 acre of Land. Therefore total 5525 farmers will adopt SRI technology and total 1380 acres of land will come under the process.

Training for the same was conducted in the field with the help of ATMA and HYV seeds were distributed among the beneficiaries in subsidized rate through LAMS or local block office.